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vi introductory HOWTO (mini?)

Dear HOWTO-coordinator,

We (Paul Kremer and Vincent Kraeutler) intend to write a short
introductory HOWTO on the editor called "vi".

Since there seems to be only the "Vim-HOWTO", which focuses on 
vim-specific features (vim is a different implementation of the
Solaris "vi"), we would like to write a small introductory HOWTO
which helps the beginner make his first steps with this editor.

We could even provide 3 languages at once (English, German, French).

Anybody on this job yet?

Best regards,

Paul Kremer (pkremer@datacomm.ch)
Vincent Kraeutler (vincentk@student.ethz.ch)

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  // \\   Homepage        http://pkremer.tsx.org/
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