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Re: limbo update?

On Sep 19,  6:36pm, Grant Taylor wrote:
> Subject: Re: limbo update?
> >>>>> "Greg Ferguson" <gferg@hoop.timonium.sgi.com> writes:
> > Still working on it. It's quite troublesome.
> I forgot to ask the obvious: what can I do to eliminate the trouble?

In the short term, including the graphics (in each format
required) would be worthwhile.

My biggest (production-oriented) problems right now:

- no jadetex support on metalab (yet)
- no complete imagemagick toolkit on metalab (yet)

So, yes, we are still using htmldoc for pdf/postscript
output. I apologize; we're still trying to get the pieces
in place. The metalab folks have been busy with their
change-over to ibiblio.org.

> I observe that there are a few bugs yet in the PDF:
>  - The big table is hosed (as is my own, but not this bad).
>  - My pretty vector drawing is suddenly a lowly bitmap again.
>  - The index isn't in terms of page numbers.
> Even if we write off the big table, we really ought to get "the
> process" to work with vector pictures and indices...

I'll need to examine the index.


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