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RE: Information on the history of jade and openjade

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> From: Mark Komarinski [mailto:markk@cgipc.com]
> The best way to learn about something is to teach it.

Now we're in for it! :)

> With that in mind, I'm giving a presentation about SGML and how
> the LDP is using it at the Linux Expo in Toronto at the end of
> October, and again in Paris in January.

Dangit, nobody sends me to Paris.  :-)  Not that I can stand those bloody
Frenchmen anyway. <grin>

> I'm getting into the differences between jade and openjade
> and am running into a bit of a block of why they're being developed
> separately.  If anyone has information about how these two are
> related (or not), I'd greatly appreciate it.

Jade isn't being developed at all.  OpenJade is a free implementation and
extension of Jade.  Well, that's the story that I've gotten anyway.

> Also, it looks like OpenJade is being split into OpenJade and
> OpenSP, with OpenSP doing the validation and leaving OpenJade
> to do the actual 'rendering' into the various output formats.  Is
> this correct?

I haven't heard anything about this, but I don't keep my ear to the OpenJade

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