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Hi There!

> i does not agree with you. too many people are subscribing our lists.
> better design (we are currently doing it) lets everyone to post,
> but firstly he/she should subscribe to our lists, without moderation.

Actually, the lists attract too many spammers. Many more spammers than
the redhat list, LinuxSA list, gtk list, gnome list, reiser filesystem
list, dsssl list, docbook list, freeciv lists, ethereal list, glade
list, gnome list and high availability list. I am subscribed to them
all. Every now and then some spammer gets the better of them, but none
of them get hijacked the number of times that the LDP mailing lists do.

> if the person is not subscribed, his letter is  going to moderators.
> of course anyone could be a moderator, if you have time for this,
> you also can help us in listserver maintance.

No. Not to the moderators. /dev/null. I presume that the list servers
have enough bandwidth to throw stuff in the trash.

> if you will excuse me, i completely do not understand your opinion.
> what kind of democracy/oligarchy are you suppose?
> what are you talking about?

There are about 10 people who are all contributors to this list who seem
to make LDP policy. I don't have a problem with this...I didn't mean to
say I disagree with how things are run....I just needed a way to make
sure that those who mattered listen. And they have. 

When you are far away, I dream of the horizon
My words fail, yet I know that you are with me
My moon, upon my soul you still shine
My sun, it is you I still see...

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