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On czw, wrz 28, 2000 at 11:34:21 +0930, David Lloyd wrote:
> The people who own the LDP list allow absolutely any person to post to
> it.

nobody _ownes_ LDP lists.

> Apparently so the community can have a say. There seems to be a
> reasonable swell that says that anyone who actually wants to have a say
> is able to speak quite well to a majordomo/mailman or wotever mailing
> list but I don't own this list.

i does not agree with you. too many people are subscribing our lists.
better design (we are currently doing it) lets everyone to post,
but firstly he/she should subscribe to our lists, without moderation.
if the person is not subscribed, his letter is  going to moderators.
of course anyone could be a moderator, if you have time for this,
you also can help us in listserver maintance.

> Personally I think the spam absolutely sucks and the reasons for letting
> it happen are basically wrong. But that's my opinion. Without being too
> blatantly discordant, the power structure within the LDP seems to be
> more an oligarchy than a democracy - even though its aims are
> benificent.

if you will excuse me, i completely do not understand your opinion.
what kind of democracy/oligarchy are you suppose?
what are you talking about?

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