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qmail/procmail/cyrus HOWTO

I'm interested in writing a HOWTO on how to set up qmail as an MTA,
procmail as an MDA, with Cyrus as the message store/retrieval facility on
a sitewide basis.

Having set up this breed of mail server twice now, I've found the Cyrus
documentation to be terrible (and no better after a year) and the qmail
documentation to be extremely disparate.

On top of that, there is little except newsgroups that I have found that
offer any insight into whether or not this kind of a setup is even
possible, or if it is, how to go about it.

So, this HOWTO would help everyone else who would potentially like to set
up their mailserver this way, as well as me a year later when I try to do
it again and forget all the intricacies of doing so. :)


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