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Re: Current summit

Perhaps you could define some minimum requirements for licenses. For
instance, you could require that any part of the document is modifiable
except bare author/publisher information. (In that way, you could make sure
you can take out ads and manifestos.) You could put in wording like the Gnu
license about providing materials in readable source form. You could require
that reprinting be allowed, or that noncommercial reprinting be allowed.
Whatever you think is the bare minimum needed for the use and upkeep of an
LDP book.

I recognize that this would add extra headaches, because it would be a kind
of meta-license of "license of licenses" and thus an extra layer to play
with. Maybe it would be simpler to say that some group of LDP administrators
can accept or reject documents based on their opinion of the licenses.

Sorry that I'm one of the people who wanted to come and couldn't make it.


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