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Business cards, was: LDP summit in Chapel Hill

> >3. We should have business cards with LDP name
> >when we attend to linux expos
> >
> >I can try to remember some TeX to provide a decent model then anyone
> >could have them printed on some nice paper (David volunteered)
> We could handle this.. that is easy with a Vector based program.
> Business cards are also quite cheap, even for nice ones.

In the past I used tgif, a vector drawing program available for Linux
and most unix-variants, to make rather decent cards.

I suggest we use a small, simple format so people can take the
layout template and customise with their own names, in which
case (La)TeX might be too big a requrement.

> >Leaving an email to contact and a website to each people going to the
> >LDP booth or conference may be helpfull. I have received business cards
> >from many non profit project so I think it is not that uncommon.

We need name, logo, LDP link, email address and probably a few
more things. Does anyone here have a more professional experience
in design?

   Stein Gjoen

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