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RE: LDP summit in Chapel Hill

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> From: Dan Scott [mailto:dan.scott@acm.org]
> On Thu, 5 Oct 2000, Guylhem Aznar wrote:
> > At 23:01 10-04-2000 -0700, Gregory Leblanc wrote:
> > 
> > >We'll probably need to find a way to "solicit" sponsors to 
> send LOCAL people
> > >to these events when at all possible.  If they're in 
> Portland/Seattle, I
> > 
> > Of course ;-)
> > 
> > >I don't see any reason for people hopping about the globe.
> > 
> > If a volunteer has time to give to the LDP, if a sponsor 
> can help, why not?

I think that we'll have better luck getting sponsorship if we're not asking
for a $1000 plane ticket and a $400 of hotel stay.  If somebody can
volunteer to go, I think that our "sponsorship" would be better spent on
getting good presentation materials (posters, flyers, etc) to hand out.  If
people are going to go hopping around the globe, they ought to have GOOD or
GREAT presentations that they're giving, otherwise we should shoot for
keeping things local.  Plus, local people will be more familiar with the
local Linux events, like LUGs and such.

> > David did volunteer to go to Linux Expo Toronto where the 
> LDP will have a 
> > booth.
> > 
> > Why him? Because no one I know can. If some local LDP'er 
> from Toronto can help
> > him, it would be even better, but at least we have a booth 
> and a volunteer.

Did anybody make a formal announcement requesting a member of the LDP to man
the booth?  I didn't see it, but I might not have been paying attention.  Is
there a list of all of these things hosted somewhere?  I didn't get much
information when I was part of it last time because my French skills suck.
I'd love to see a list, and to get a calendar on the website somewhere that
tells who's going, what materials they'll have, and what presentations, if
any, they'll be at.

> I live in Toronto, and would be willing to volunteer for a 
> day in the LDP
> booth. Do we have a Represent-LDP-at-Tradeshow-HOWTO yet? :)

We do now!  See?  It all works out for the best, just open up the
communication channels.

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