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RE: LDP summit in Chapel Hill

>I think that we'll have better luck getting sponsorship if we're not asking
>for a $1000 plane ticket and a $400 of hotel stay.  If somebody can
>volunteer to go, I think that our "sponsorship" would be better spent on
>getting good presentation materials (posters, flyers, etc) to hand out.  If
>people are going to go hopping around the globe, they ought to have GOOD or
>GREAT presentations that they're giving, otherwise we should shoot for
>keeping things local.  Plus, local people will be more familiar with the
>local Linux events, like LUGs and such.

Well, if planned in advance you can go anywhere in the states round trip
for less than 500 bucks. That is besides the point.

I think it would depend alot. For example, we could blantantly ask for
sponsorhip on the web site. 

	E.g; Looking for a sponsor to provide booth for LinuxExpo (Y)
	     Please email poet@linuxports.com if you would like to be a

>Did anybody make a formal announcement requesting a member of the LDP to man
>the booth?  I didn't see it, but I might not have been paying attention.  Is

	No I did not see one either. This is a big sore point. The LDP
should have a group of people that go to the shows. Every single show
if we can get sponsorship. If the members can't go then we should ask for

	This way we can go to sponsors in a professional manner and ask
for help. Instead of ad-hoc.

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