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Re: LDP summit in Chapel Hill

Gregory Leblanc <GLeblanc@cu-portland.edu> wrote
> >I think that we'll have better luck getting sponsorship if we're not asking
> >for a $1000 plane ticket and a $400 of hotel stay.  If somebody can
> >volunteer to go, I think that our "sponsorship" would be better spent on
> >getting good presentation materials (posters, flyers, etc) to hand out.  If
> >people are going to go hopping around the globe, they ought to have GOOD or
> >GREAT presentations that they're giving, otherwise we should shoot for
> >keeping things local.  Plus, local people will be more familiar with the
> >local Linux events, like LUGs and such.

I agree with this except that we are basically judged by the quality
of our documents.  A slick looking flyer will not help much.  For
Montreal, I made up a 1/3 page flyer just in case no one else thought
of them.  At 3 cents/pg we passed out penny flyers.  This demonstrates
to the recipients that we are very economical and don't waste our
resources.  I don't think it was necessarily the best way to go.  But
if what we have to say is short, it's more likely to be read.

On Fri, Oct 06, 2000 at 07:41:16AM -0700, Poet/Joshua Drake wrote:

> I think it would depend a lot. For example, we could blatantly ask for
> sponsorship on the web site. 
> 	E.g; Looking for a sponsor to provide booth for LinuxExpo (Y)
> 	     Please email poet@linuxports.com if you would like to be a
> 	     sponsor.

I think it's more important for GNU to have a booth as they have an
important "political agenda" to promote.  Could we share their booth
in cases where we don't get a booth?  We still need to be listed in
the list of exhibitors and maybe we need a booth to get that.

I fully agree with the preference of getting local people to represent
us and with the policy of not travelling far.  Energy consevation
(reducing C02 emissions) is important and flying is unfortunately very
energy intensive.

			David Lawyer

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