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Jones in Seattle (and LDP?) (10/26)

In an interesting turn of events, the IBM developerWorks folks
http://www.ibm.com/developer/ (for whom I've written a couple of articles
including http://www-4.ibm.com/software/developer/library/merrier.html )
have asked me to be the speaker at their Seattle 'barcode' on October 26th
at the Pyramid Alehouse. They've asked me to talk to the developers, who
will be invited from all over th Seattle area, about ibiblio. open source
and the LDP. I'm fine on all of these subjects, but want to be sure that
in the case of the LDP that I:
1) take whatever messages you folks would like for about 100+ developers
in Seattle to hear (so please let me know what you definitely want said)

2) don't represent myself or ibiblio as the LDP (I think I can handle this
part, but if there are LDPers in the Seattle area who can come and who I
can point to and say "Ask her/him about being an LDP author" that would be
very nice.

I understand that IBM pays for the beer

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