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RE: Style Guide (was Re: I'm a sucker)

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> From: David Lloyd [mailto:lloy0076@rebel.net.au]
> Hi there!
> > Don't forget that the most important point of the LDP is to get
> > documentation.  Any hurdles placed in the way will lead to less
> > documentation. 
> I agree, but some people may actually want some guidelines on how or
> what they should write. It also helps the volunteers who change the
> document into the final form...

Right now, the LDP doesn't have all that much respect from much of the Linux
community.  I'm on the mailing lists for quite a few other doc projects, and
occasionally the LDP will come up, and it's almost never mentioned in a good
light.  I'd love to see this change (which is why I'm on the list), but most
people can't put a finger on what it is that they don't like.  
A lot of people see the LDP as just a big group of individual, without any
sense of direction at all.  In many respects, this is correct.  I think that
a style guide, helping to give a more consistent "look and feel" to our
documentation would go a long ways towards giving the LDP a more
professional image.

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