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Re: Thinking strategically

jdd wrote:
> > On Thu, Oct 05, 2000 at 12:08:01PM -0600, Kevin Cullis wrote:
> > > Hi all,
> > > -------
> > > Issue: HOWTO's and newsgroups diverge the solution process by making it
> > > inefficient in finding answers.  Redundancy of answers to problems
> > > across the newsgroups and web sites (linux.com, dejanews, linuxcare,
> > > etc.) is an inefficient use of Linux users resources.
> > >
> > > Issue: Because of this inefficiency, people don't want to fool with
> > > Linux which reduces the adoption and migration rate of new users.
> I desagree completely with this.
> If many kinds of expression medias has come, it's simply because men are
> many and diverses. It is a GOOD thing.
> For example, I hate newsgroups and love mailing-lists, but I know many
> people that are exactly the contrary.
> Some like reading HOWTO, others can't.
> However, the underlying information could be gathered, but this is mostly
> the time. When a news is shown in a newsgroup, I'm very soon informed by
> mailing-lists fellows.
> Internet is like life : when something is really needed, it's created...

I agree that not everyone likes one media or another, but there is
probably an 80/20 rule that says that probably 80% of the people may
agree with me.  Then again, maybe 80% agree with you. In any case, why
not try something different? I find that taking so long to find an
answer, among ANY documentation to be frustrating and downright
"communistic" in nature: it shouldn't be or designed that way!  Now
agreeably, it's related to the amount of work that needs to be done or
the need for it.  Regardless of the method, it still needs to be
improved and my intent is to spark some interest in making it easier for
new migrators to find answers to their problems.  NOw the question is:

How would you do it?

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