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Re: Thinking strategically

Le mar, 10 oct 2000, Kevin Cullis a écrit :

 I find that taking so long to find an
> answer, among ANY documentation to be frustrating and (....)

there a many kinds of documentation
-man pages
-product manual

each is done for a particular point of view. for example on Linux-france
there are at least 5 or 6 samba comfiguration files. nones of these are
identical. mine is good for me and sometimes I receive a message saying
it's also usefull for some other.

I'm sure that many other peoples preferes the others docs. They can choose
whatever they need.

At present day, Internet is so well indexed I do no more use my own
bookmarks to find a doc, I directly ask voilà or yahoo. I find doc in

If the actual system don't cope with your requirements, you can feel free
to make any doc you want, but you can let live the others ones.


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