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Re: Thinking strategically

> On Thu, Oct 05, 2000 at 12:08:01PM -0600, Kevin Cullis wrote:
> > Hi all,

> > -------
> > Issue: HOWTO's and newsgroups diverge the solution process by making it
> > inefficient in finding answers.  Redundancy of answers to problems
> > across the newsgroups and web sites (linux.com, dejanews, linuxcare,
> > etc.) is an inefficient use of Linux users resources.
> > 
> > Issue: Because of this inefficiency, people don't want to fool with
> > Linux which reduces the adoption and migration rate of new users.

I desagree completely with this.

If many kinds of expression medias has come, it's simply because men are
many and diverses. It is a GOOD thing.

For example, I hate newsgroups and love mailing-lists, but I know many
people that are exactly the contrary.

Some like reading HOWTO, others can't.

However, the underlying information could be gathered, but this is mostly
the time. When a news is shown in a newsgroup, I'm very soon informed by
mailing-lists fellows.

Internet is like life : when something is really needed, it's created...

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