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Re: Making It Easy For New Authors (was Re: Style Guide)

> Le mar, 10 oct 2000, David Lawyer a écrit :
> > A major problem is that we are making a huge mistake by not having a
> > short HOWTO-HOWTO (or the like) that would suggest the use of LinuxDoc
> > sgml s
On Tue, Oct 10, 2000 at 08:44:25PM +0200, jdd wrote:
> I think we should propose to beginners one and only one text processor,
> the simplest able to do all (lyx??) and let available a package with this
> processor and all what is necessary to start - I never manage to only read
> through the last HOWTO-HOWTO version.

Most new authors already know a text editor or word processor.  They
don't want to learn another just so they can write a doc on Linux.  So
show them how to do sgml with the software they already know.  That's
what's nice about LinuxDoc, fewer and shorter tags to manually enter.

			David Lawyer

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