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Re: gldp - decision time

From: "iMedecin WEBMASTER" <webmaster@imedecin.com>
> If we can not agree on any solution for gldp.net/gldp.org (fr.gldp.net,
> de.gldp.org...) we will use a fr.local.linuxdoc.org/de.mirror.linuxdoc.org
> scheme and the domains will be transferred back to David.
> Any opinion is welcome. If the "g" is a problem, we could purchase zldp

Okay, random thoughts...

Well, you know how I feel.GNU/Linux Documentation Project works better for
me than just LDP. I don't agree with rms on everything, but I do agree with
him here.

zldp is silly.

The gldp.org domain is useless to me personally.


David C. Merrill, Ph.D.
LDP Collection Editor & Coordinator

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