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Re: Business Cards

>I'll agree with the majority that design 1 is the best. BTW where does
>the logo in card 2 come from? I cannot remember to have seen that loop.

Created from scratch.

>Just a few comments:
> - too often people have to make a photocopy of a card but here
>  the darkened corner with the address makes that difficult. Also
>  for humans the contrast might be too low.

I will look into this.

> - on a related line: does this design work well in grey scale for
>  those of us who cannot print the design on a colour printer?

No. However color business cards are not real expensive.

> - Why no email address?

Only because it would have been mine. You can put any email you like.

<COMPANY>CommandPrompt	- http://www.commandprompt.com	</COMPANY>
<PROJECT>OpenDocs, LLC.	- http://www.opendocs.org	</PROJECT>
<PROJECT>LinuxPorts 	- http://www.linuxports.com     </PROJECT>
<WEBMASTER>LDP		- http://www.linuxdoc.org	</WEBMASTER>
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