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A new Mini-HOWTO?


Following recent traffic on the comp.sys.sgi.admin forum, I offered to write
a new Linux Mini-HOWTO on installing Irix from a Linux machine with a CD-ROM

The reasoning is simple, SGI kit is extremely picky about the SCSI devices
it will talk to, particularly older systems such as Indies, Indigos and the
like.  Given that support for Irix's native filesystem, EFS, is now part of
the Linux kernel, albeit in beta form, the way is now open to use almost any
CD-ROM to load up Irix by using a Linux machine as a remote host for the CD

I sketched out the process a couple of months back and posted it to the SGI
list.  There has been some interest and, since the bulk of the work involves
the configuration and administration of the Linux host, maybe the time has
come to document it properly.

So ... how should I go about it?


Keith Nichol

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