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Re: Documentation Metrics

sorry, folks, but I think there is a problem.

I'm unsure what this discussion is about.

I think initially it was about knowing what documentation was lacking (to
try to write it) and giving a help to beginners (initial writing guide)

if the goal is still of this kind, you can continue to fill pages and
pages of mails if you want, I can't afford to read it all, but I trust you.

but if you mean you are going to weight the HOWTO's to know if they are
good or not an to grades authors on this base, I disagree absolutely.

knowing if a howto is well written or not is of nearly no interest, at
least as long as there are yet to be written howto's.

The only question is : is this howto usefull or not ? is the answer is
yes, let it live.

I don't think ldp is allowed to do any real metric on the documentation.

If you want really to have some kind of judgement on the howto's,
enventually, you can set online a questionaire asking users: did you read
the howto ? did you use it ? do you like it ? and that's all

is for no other reason, the only people able really to meter a howto is a
people able to write it, and if so he should better work with the author
than judge him...

anyway, try to keep short, trim most of the initial mail in yours
answers... this thread become unreadable...

and don't think I under estimate your work. I greatly appreciate all you


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