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Re: Documentation Metrics

On Tue, Oct 17, 2000 at 10:37:49PM +0200, jdd wrote:
> if the goal is still of this kind, you can continue to fill pages
> and pages of mails if you want, I can't afford to read it all, but I
> trust you.

I haven't had time to follow this thread either. It has gotten away
from me. I would suggest that when all this gets hashed out, and there
is an agreement, that someone post the details in a new thread.
Also, I am willing to help in some capacity though my knowledge and
skills are limited. Have vim, will travel.

Off on a tangent here, but I have a feeling that the
maintained/unmaintained distinction needs some cleaning up too. I
suspect that there are some that are classified as maintained, but
actually are not by any reasonable definition. Possibly there would be
those eager to assume actively maintaining these, but are put off by
the 'maintained' status. Is there any easy way to contact authors that
have not submitted an update after a certain period of time, and ask
if they are still involved? Thinking of some automated approach to

Hal B

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