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I wanna contribute to LDP

  So I'm stunned as always at how helpful a particular HOWTO has been to
me, and I'd like the opportunity to give something back.  Two things I
think I'd be reasonably competent to do are:
  An Algorithms-HOWTO, a quick sketch of hash tables, sorting, red-black
trees, heaps, and the like, for people who have no formal training in
computer science but want to move from shell scripts to real programming
(including links to proper-length documentation on the stuff).
  man pages on file formats; sox and gd nonwithstanding, there's been
many a time when I just wanted to know what the header fields in an .au
file were and had to spend a couple minutes on the web/in the source to
find it out, and a man page with structs included would have made my
life more convenient.  Even the non-trivial formats like PNG or (ha!)
MPEG could be explained in terms of record structure, with links to
detailed explanations of the compression.  I can't pledge the lifetime
of work it would take to document them all, but I think I could make a
not-quite-miniscule dent.
  If neither of these seems useful to you, I'm at your disposal for any
bitch work you have laying around (such as categories and metadata for
the HOWTOs, which still seems to be open).  Whaddya say? 

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