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new documentation

One quick clarification (after I exchanged some quick mail
with Guylhem). He wrote:

>  - we will have the legal right to offer download of open sourced books 
>from O'Reilly

There's nothing special about the LDP in this regard; the
books are indeed under open-content licenses, so anybody can
put them on a Web site. Some can be freely printed too. A
little extra effort is simply being put in here by a
marketing person to make sure the LDP knows where you can
grab the source files or HTML.

I regret to say that the books are under a variety of
licenses, some old-fashioned, because the books were
published during a time of uncertainty and evolving
licenses. As new editions come out, we'll try to harmonize
the licenses and choose an up-to-date version.

Some of the books under open-content licenses are:

     Linux Network Administrator's Guide (of course, because
     it has always been an LDP book)

     Learning Debian GNU/Linux

     Using Samba

     Open Sources


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