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linux game website: ldp

Dear Sirs,
we are a german LINUX service provider, and are launching a linux game
website. The site will be located at
www.linux-gamez.com and will provide LINUX users interested in games
with news, documentation, reports, boards, support and more. We would
like to publish some of your documents there, and are asking you if you
agree with
that. Below you find some information about us. Thank you in

About ID-PRO:
ID-PRO's mission is to assist and support companies and authorities
professionally deploying the revolutionary Open-Source operating system. 

ID-PRO regards itself as an active bridge to the worldwide LINUX
community. Thus, ID-PRO is a competent partner providing first-hand
Open-Source solutions with the additional value and security of
full-service warranties, which are essential for deployment in
professional environments.

Due to its deliberate decision not to limit itself to any one
distribution, ID-PRO disposes of the necessary know-how to provide
professional support for all major LINUX distributions, such as
Mandrake, RedHat, SuSE, Debian, Corel or Caldera. ID-PRO's active
membership in the German LINUX association 'LIVE' additionally ensures
that its knowledge of the possibilities and needs of the rapidly
increasing LINUX sector is always up-to-date.

If you'd like to know more about ID-PRO, please visit our website at

Jochen Engels <engels@ID-PRO.de> (Internet-Solutions)
* ID-PRO Deutschland GmbH * Am Hofgarten 20 * D-53113 Bonn
* http://open-for-the-better.com

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