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Re: Simplified DocBook

Le mer, 25 oct 2000, David C. Merrill, Ph.D. a écrit :

> Excellent point! It is also important to realize that no word processor will
> really do much to make sure you use the tags wisely and appropriately. 

not so true. should be true if all tags where completely evident in any
language. May be in english "filemane" is obvious, but in french it's not.

I neither know what is a "command" (there are many different definitions

I fact I thing the tag's name is rarely self significative.

it's right that most word processor do a very bad work, but trying to cope
with docbook can only make them better.

for example Star Office, when in html mode behave differently than in
native mode - html needs some kind of structure - and could do a similar
job for docbook.

I think you must know that all these "programlisting" tags do nothing more
than giving some kind of font metric and paragraph handling that can have
many others use than only list programms.

two directions ? :
* I like really the WYSIWYM of Lyx, but the progrmming staff of lyx is too
small (they do a wonderfull job, but can't do all), may be some ldp guys
could help them? they already work hard in direction of docbook.

* Sar Office is now open source, who can add a sgml module?
(and the same for other wp)

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