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Re: Manifesto

I rewrote this based mostly on Guylhem's comments (partly based on
Jorge Godoy's comments).  I've used narrative style instead of the
list style since the first part of the Manifesto is in narrative
style.  One problem:  What about the Guides?


We want our documents to be widely accessible, including easy access
by users of old hardware or the visually impaired.  Thus we provide
our documents in various formats such as HTML, plain text, and
Postscript (high resolution suitable for printed books).  Authors
write in a SGML markup language which can be converted (by computer)
to these formats (and more).  For HOWTOs, authors use either of the
SGML languages: LinuxDoc or DocBook (versions since 4.1.2).  The XML
markup language also supports DocBook (we support versions since 3.1).
Documents in LinuxDoc or DocBook are called "source" documents.

You may see what SGML source formats look like by downloading a HOWTO
(in SGML) from an LDP site.  We may accept a HOWTO in just plain text
(or some other format) if we can find someone to manually convert it
to SGML.

Besides being able to convert to various formats, SGML allows one to
label parts of a document to aid in searching and administration.  We
recommend transparent source:  plain text (easily editable) with an
open format.  The SGML we use provides this.

			David Lawyer

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