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Re: Manifesto

At 16:50 10-25-2000 -0700, you wrote:
>I rewrote this based mostly on Guylhem's comments (partly based on
>Jorge Godoy's comments).  I've used narrative style instead of the
>list style since the first part of the Manifesto is in narrative
>style.  One problem:  What about the Guides?

Any format should be accepted IMHO.

>We want our documents to be widely accessible, including easy access
>by users of old hardware or the visually impaired.  Thus we provide
>our documents in various formats such as HTML, plain text, and

our documents in various formats such as HTML, plain text (low resolution 
suitable for them), and

>Postscript (high resolution suitable for printed books).  Authors
>write in a SGML markup language which can be converted (by computer)
>to these formats (and more).  For HOWTOs, authors use either of the
>SGML languages: LinuxDoc or DocBook (versions since 4.1.2).  The XML
>markup language also supports DocBook (we support versions since 3.1).
>Documents in LinuxDoc or DocBook are called "source" documents.

Sounds better than our draft. I'd just add something about low resolution 
format - ie we don't require html and plain text just for the fun of it but 
because it helps - cf my proposal

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