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HOWTO Index: Applications / GUI / Multimedia

In the HOWTO-Index, I'd like to clean up "Applications / GUI / Multimedia"
and its subcategories. I'm really dissatisfied with what I did originally.
Here are my suggestions:

1. Move "Installing Applications" under "4.2. System Administration and
Configuration". Rename it to "Package Management and Software Installation"
so it's more obvious that it contains RPM (and maybe someday .deb)

2. Make "User Applications" a top-level category. I want to work on
expanding this section of our collection - possibly getting the authors of
application documentation to place their documentation with us, where
possible. Break this category up into subcategories for Gaming, Office
Applications, Scientific Applications, etc.

3. Make "Server Applications" a top-level category. Or, make the various
subcategories there (DBMS, Mail,  Usenet, HTTP/FTP, Miscellaneous) into
subcategories of "System Administration and Configuration". These are really
all sysadmin type of HOWTOs. Comments on the merits/drawbacks of these
approaches, please?

3. Make "Multimedia" a top-level category.

Comments invited. Once I've had a chance to consider all your advice, I'll
do the rework.


David C. Merrill, Ph.D.
Linux Documentation Project
Collection Editor & Coordinator

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