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Re: XDMCP howto

From: "Thomas Chao" <tomchao@lucent.com>
> I made up a XDMCP setup howto, because I am unable to find one on the
> HOWTO index.  I am willing to share it.  The URL are at:
> http://www.gti.net/tchao/XDMCP.html
> If there is more for me to do on this page, please contact me.
Thanks for writing your HOWTO.

I can suggest a few areas for improvement:

1. The grammar is incorrect in several places. (Will some kind
English-fluent volunteer on ldp-discuss please help Mr. Chao with this?)

2. We *prefer* to have our documents in DocBook format rather than HTML.
DocBook allows us to publish the document in many different output formats,
and it also will allow some pretty sophisticated indexing. We do not
"reject" documents based on their format, but we do try to get them
converted to DocBook.

If you plan to be a regular contributor to the LDP, I suggest you learn it.
If you do not wish to do this, we will attempt to find somebody else to do
the DB markup for you. (This person could also help with the grammar.)

3. Please license the HOWTO under a free license, so that others can
continue to improve your work if you stop maintaining it. I like the GFDL
(which can be viewed as the FSF's version of the GPL but intended for
documentation). Your statement that "if you make any changes, please notify
me" is, IMHO, insufficient.

NOTE: You have the right to choose whichever license you prefer. I ask you
to use the GFDL, but it is your work and your choice to make.

Thank you once again for writing the HOWTO!


David C. Merrill, Ph.D.
Linux Documentation Project
Collection Editor & Coordinator

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