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Re: [How to edit .sgml files?]

Taketoshi Sano wrote:
> Hi.
> In <39F62E13.782D172A@eunet.yu>,  on Tue, 24 Oct 2000 23:49:23 -0100,
>  Miroslav Skoric <m.skoric@EUnet.yu> wrote:
> > I'll try to send you one of them (btw, they are not the exact ones I
> > have made, but those that I *downloaded* from the ldp site).
> The files attached in your mail is compressed by gzip.
> Did you use netscape or else to download them from the ldp site ?
> Netscape navigator in some setup eliminates suffix ".gz" from
> the name of the downloaded files but does not decompress them at all.

YES, that was that 'problem'. I did not know of that netscape's feature.

Btw, there is another interesting feature now with emacs I use: under my
root's login, emacs is opened in a small dark-green window as background
and its cursor is in a violet color or something similar (I consider it
as 'normal'). But, under my user's login, emacs comes in much greater
window (white background, greater font, black cursor etc). The version
is the same. Just wonder why is it that difference?


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