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Re: about accepted formats (Re: Simplified DocBook)

Some trimming of contents below...

Taketoshi Sano wrote:
> Hi.

> I've maintain the tool for LinuxDoc, but I don't object that
> the LDP prefers the DocBook (maybe XML in future) DTD.

I have linked to your page on Debian.org as a reference to LinuxDoc
for the upcoming submission to LWN.

Could I persuade you to add links to the included documentation and
sample files? I guess those end up in /usr(/share)/doc/linuxdoc/...
Currently there is very little available on LinuxDoc tools on
LinuxDoc.org or elsewhere.

> The reason I work on the LinuxDoc is just that it is required currently
> since the many documents use it yet, and there are authors who used to it
> and who wish to use it.

I am one of the satisfied users of LinuxDoc tools.

> I think that the most important thing in the documents is the contents.
> So if the information in it is useful, then I'd like to read it if it
> is provided only in text or html.

> For me,
>   LinuxDoc: Old format, which can produce html/text/TeX(dvi,PS,PDF) etc.
>             Mainly created for easy conversion to various output,
>             because the readers of LDP wish to have documents in their
>             prefered formats and the preference of them varies.
>             Now only maintained for backward compatibility and bug fixes.
>     pros: DTD will not change anymore, so no need to learn about DTD
>           if you already know it.
>           for LDP, to support this reduces the cost to convert many docs
>           which currently use this DTD into newer DTD, and reduces the
>           cost to learn the new DTD from the authors who knows this.

Also we could add compactness to this list, the tools are small,
a big plus for everyone running on small machines with old
distributions such as myself.

>     cons: limited ability in the DTD itself and the design of the tool.
>           no aggressive development, just bug-fixes (plus some i18n).

Perhaps I could persuade you to add a couple of new tags? Or rather
add in some of those used by Debian in that version of LinuxDoc?

   Stein Gjoen

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