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Re: about accepted formats (Re: Simplified DocBook)

On Oct 27,  1:59pm, Stein Gjoen wrote:
> Subject: Re: about accepted formats (Re: Simplified DocBook)
> Some trimming of contents below...
> Taketoshi Sano wrote:
> >
> > Hi.
> > I've maintain the tool for LinuxDoc, but I don't object that
> > the LDP prefers the DocBook (maybe XML in future) DTD.
> I have linked to your page on Debian.org as a reference to LinuxDoc
> for the upcoming submission to LWN.
> Could I persuade you to add links to the included documentation and
> sample files? I guess those end up in /usr(/share)/doc/linuxdoc/...
> Currently there is very little available on LinuxDoc tools on
> LinuxDoc.org or elsewhere.

Stein and I discussed this as well. If anyone has ideas on links that
should be added to the author's area, please email me. I'll make the
modifications. Please provide link and a short description. Thanks.


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