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Re: Source files of guides

From: "Poet/Joshua Drake" <poet@linuxports.com>
> >I was enable to find the source files of most printed guides available
> >through linuxdoc, even though they present "open" licenses.
> >In particular: "Securing and Optimizing Linux: Red Hat Edition"
> The source for Securing and Optimizing Linux is a Word Document. As in
> Microsoft Word. We do not maintain the source.

Gerhard still has the source for this guide, doesn't he?

And what of the others? Here is my quick review of what's available. Where
a document is available in an SGML format, I don't bother to note all the

Linux Security Quick Reference Guide
PDF & PostScript only

Linux Kernel Internals
LinuxDoc SGML

LDP Author Guide
DocBook SGML

Securing and Optimizing Linux: Red Hat Edition
PDF only
(plus server configuration files)

The Linux Network Administrator's Guide, Second Edition
HTML only

Antares-RAID-sparcLinux HOWTO (NOTE: Probably doesn't belong under Guides.
If we determine it does, it should be renamed)
LinuxDoc SGML

Rute Users Tutorial and Exposition

Linux Administrator's Security Guide
HTML only

Linux System Administration Made Easy
DocBook SGML

Linux+Windows HOWTO (NOTE: Why is *this* one in Guides? Or should it just
be renamed?)
HTML and PDF only

Linux System Administrators' Guide
LaTeX source, PDF and PS output

Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide (NOTE: Needs to indicate the kernel
version it supports, which is definitely *not* the 2.4 development
LaTeX source, DVI, PDF, and PS output

Installation and Getting Started Guide (NOTE: Very outdated, probably more
misleading than helpful. Should be archived for users of older
distributions only.)
LaTeX source, many outputs

The Linux Kernel (NOTE: very outdated, like the Kernel Module Programming
LaTeX source

I won't bother going into the unmaintained Guides.

As you can see, only four of our Guides are in SGML source; only *TWO* of
them are in DocBook SGML.


David C. Merrill, Ph.D.
Linux Documentation Project
Collection Editor & Coordinator

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