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Re: Simplified DocBook

Le jeu, 26 oct 2000, Michael Smith a écrit :

> Of course this is not a deficiency unique to DocBook 

it is not a deficiency at all ! it's simply that a DTD is _not_ a human
radable thing, but a valuable tool.

why do you think almost any writer use tools like macs, word or lyx to
write? why do any coder don't use full hex ?

tools are here to help us make better work easier, the sale could be done
with docbook.

> Not true. In the case of "command", there may be ambiguity. But there
> is nothing ambiguous about "filename" 

what are you saying ! look at "vi". what is the filename of "vi"? is it
vi? may be not, vi is probably a soft link and is a soft link the name of
the file ? 

may be the name of the file is "vim". but may be not, you should look at
the link to be sure. and is the name vim or /bin/vim ? or /bin/usr/vim ?
are the permission part of the file name ? if you want to copy it, it's an
issue... is the name absolute or relative ?

you see that calling a tag "filename" gives nearly no interesting data.
one must know what this name is for. Is it only an example ("I prefere vi
than emacs" is a clear sentence) or is a a html reference ?

a tag is clear only if you learn it's definition.

well, I stop here. I CAN do hard coding (and i do sometimes), but I
prefere to use high level tools. anybody is free to think deferently.

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