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Re: Manifesto

At 00:06 10-30-2000 -0800, David Lawyer wrote:
>Guylhem wanted to mention that we use low resolution plain text and
>HTML since they're suitable for people with old hardware and the
>visually impaired.  I didn't add that (yet ?) since I'm not sure that
>plain text is low resolution.  It can be printed with a letter quality
>printer with a high resolution of hundreds of dots per inch.  HTML is

But it will not include fonts, bold, italic (...)

>often displayed proportionally spaced and since it might include high
>resolution images, it's not necessarily low resolution either.  Did
>you mean low bandwidth instead of low resolution?

I think I should have said both, i.e. a pdf or an html printout will be 
better, while a .txt on a palm pilot is just fine.

The resolution and the bandwidth are proportional here.

>Another issue is PDF.  It's not a free format.  I'm not sure we should

One a free format will do the same, we will use it as our "high resolution 
- ready to be read" format.

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