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Re: Announcing the minimalistic Template

>>>>> "Greg" == Greg Ferguson <gferg@hoop.timonium.sgi.com> writes:
Greg> Pls correct me if I'm wrong - I believe the last time I checked the
Greg> RH docs CD, only the plain text version of the HOWTOs were included,
Greg> and not any of the other variants (HTML, PDF, etc.); true?

It's true depending on which Docs CD you're looking at.  We actually
produce several variants of our Docs CD:

    o English only

    o "8-bit international" (currently German, French, Italian, and

    o "16-bit international" (currently Japanese)

We've traditionally included English in our international CDs; the
rationale is that not all documents have been translated, so if the
customer knows some English, they at least have some access to the

Since these CDs also include our in-house developed documentation (HTML, PDF, and
RPM), we take a pretty big space hit for the 8-bit international CD (3
manuals in 3 formats in 5 languages).  Something has to give; so for the
international CDs we've had to reduce the number of available formats to
make everything fit.

Greg> Maybe we can assist in helping to come up with a nice package of the
Greg> LDP docs for all the various distributions to use? Would this be
Greg> worthwhile?

I seem to recall seeing this discussed before; there was no consensus.  But
speaking as a person that has a vested interest in this, it seems to me
that a better layout would be to have a top-level set of directories for
language, with subdirectories for howto/mini (if that distinction is still
being maintained), followed by one subdirectory for each format:

                    DE  EN  FR  ....  ZA
                     |     |
                    mini howto
               |   |       |        |  |
              txt html html_single pdf ps   

I think this would help the reader more easily find things.  It would also
help people figure out the easiest way to trim content in order to meet
space constraints (like someone I know ;-)...

                           Just my $0.02,

Ed Bailey        Red Hat, Inc.          http://www.redhat.com/

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