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Re: Algorithms-HOWTO draft in broken Docbook

On Tue, Oct 31, 2000 at 11:58:44PM -0500, Andrew P Moise wrote:
>   The summary: Docbook has me stumped, so I have no idea how badly I've
> botched the sgml in the current draft, but I've posted the current
> Algorithms-HOWTO at
> http://www.contrib.andrew.cmu.edu/~moise/algorithms-howto.sgml, and I'm
> looking for feedback.  If you fix the sgml into something that you can
> render, send me the version that renders for you, and I'll use that as a
> template until I get motivated enough to figure out how to do whatever
> you did.  Also send me the HTML you render so I can post it and start
> asking for feedback from outside ldp-discuss (which, I assume, contains
> mostly people who already know this stuff).  UUencoded tarballs are
> preferred; my mailer is a very old CMU homebrew job, and does not handle
> attachments/MIME at all that I know of.

I could have a stab at this today. But please confirm no one else is
already doing this, so we don't duplicate efforts. Will be DocBook. I
won't have much time again until the week end.

>   The long version:
>   Okay, so maybe I'm just not that bright or patient, but I've been
> wrestling with jade (both the 1.2.1 Redhat RPM and the Openjade source
> install) for over a day now, and I have yet to successfully render any
> SGML.  My latest round of error messages is something akin to:
> [chops@chops ldp]$ jade -t sgml -i html -d \
> /usr/lib/sgml/stylesheets/ldp.dsl\#html algorithms-howto.sgml > /dev/null
> jade:algorithms-howto.sgml:1:25:W: cannot generate system identifier for
> document type "LINUXDOC"
> jade:algorithms-howto.sgml:1:25:E: reference to entity "LINUXDOC" for
> which no system identifier could be generated
> jade:algorithms-howto.sgml:1:0: entity was defined here
> jade:algorithms-howto.sgml:1:25:E: DTD did not contain element
> declaration for document type name
> jade:algorithms-howto.sgml:9:8:E: element "ARTICLE" undefined
> jade:algorithms-howto.sgml:11:6:E: element "TITLE" undefined
> jade:algorithms-howto.sgml:12:7:E: element "AUTHOR" undefined

Wrong DTD for DocBook I think.

> Changing the doctype to <!doctype article PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook
> V3.1//EN"> causes jade to lead off with:

This looks right.
> [chops@chops ldp]$ jade -t sgml -i html -d \
> /usr/lib/sgml/stylesheets/ldp.dsl\#html algorithms-howto.sgml > /dev/null
> jade:/usr/lib/sgml/dbcent.mod:54:0:E: cannot open
> "/usr/lib/sgml/iso-amsa.gml" (No such file or directory)    
> jade:/usr/lib/sgml/dbcent.mod:61:0:E: cannot open
> "/usr/lib/sgml/iso-amsb.gml" (No such file or directory)
> jade:/usr/lib/sgml/dbcent.mod:68:0:E: cannot open
> "/usr/lib/sgml/iso-amsc.gml" (No such file or directory)
> ... and many more ...

I went through a similar experience a few months back. These errors
look familiar though my memory fails me somewhat. What I had done was
to install both linuxdoc and docbook packages. In an effort to find
the 'magic' bullet, I installed more packages. Then nothing would
work. I eventually went and uninstalled everything. I had to manually
delete some of the stuff that was installed from source. (I suspect
this is what caused the lib errors.) I believe I manually deleted
/usr/lib/sgml. Then started over with just the DocBook and related RH
rpms. Then it worked. 
> and then start bitching about my sgml, to wit:
> jade:algorithms-howto.sgml:12:8:E: character data is not allowed here
> jade:algorithms-howto.sgml:12:26:E: document type does not allow element
> "EMAIL" here
> jade:algorithms-howto.sgml:13:8:E: document type does not allow element
> "PUBDATE" here
> ... and so on, for many lines.

Minor syntactical errors.

I've downloaded a copy, and await the go-ahead. I know nothing of the
subject matter FWIW, but think I can get the markup going for you.
BTW, I am still new at this, so my markup may not be the best, but
should 'work'.

Hal B

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