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Re: Algorithms-HOWTO draft in broken Docbook

Andrew P Moise wrote:
>   The summary: Docbook has me stumped, so I have no idea how badly I've
> botched the sgml in the current draft, but I've posted the current
> Algorithms-HOWTO at
> http://www.contrib.andrew.cmu.edu/~moise/algorithms-howto.sgml, and I'm
> looking for feedback.  If you fix the sgml into something that you can
> render, send me the version that renders for you, and I'll use that as a
> template until I get motivated enough to figure out how to do whatever
> you did.  

I've partially converted your document to DocBook V3.1 and placed a copy

I'm using a SuSE V6.4 that I've installed sgmltools-lite and a number of
other packages
on.  The particular command I used was 'sgmltools --backend=ps
algorithms-howto.sgml' and
'sgmltools --backend=text algorithms-howto.sgml'

The missing *.gml files sounds like a you need to update the stylesheets


Marc Nozell <marc@nozell.com>        http://www.nozell.com/

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