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LWN3 (Re: Publicity via the LWN)


Just a note to let you know that out 3.rd entry to Linux Weekly News
(LWN) has been accepted and is now posted in this weeks issue via

Note that they put the entry off to separate page
which is not surprising considering the size of it.

I hope we can get these updates a bit more frequently which has the
added benefit of keeping it small enough to embed it into the main
body of the Development section.

The previous issue was done by pointing to the article I had at my
own home page which had the added benefit of making me able to see
the traffic. I registered about 1 hit per minute in the first hour
so clearly this is a working way of profiling the LDP.

So, anyone up for the job of taking over the job as news compilation
editor for LWN entries?

   Stein Gjoen

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