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Re: Using DocBook Tags

David Merrill wrote:

> See DocBook: The Definitive Guide for a complete list of DocBook tags.
> http://www.docbook.org/tdg/html/docbook.html

I was there to look, but I haven't found an archive to download. I only
got a bunch of .html pages but who would go on and download them :-)  Is
there some kind of an archive with some useful tag descriptions only
(for example, something similar you could see in the "Table 4-1 Useful
commands", section of Writing with DocBook elements, in LDP Author

> However, the "problem" you are describing is normal. DocBook doesn't
> necessarily guarantee any particular visual output. Many tags are
> semantic only.

Does it mean I can live without them? I am primarily interested in
'visual output' commands that may be valuable when maintaining HOWTOs.


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