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Re: Using DocBook Tags

Miroslav Skoric wrote:
> David Merrill wrote:
> > See DocBook: The Definitive Guide for a complete list of DocBook tags.
> >
> > http://www.docbook.org/tdg/html/docbook.html
> >
> I was there to look, but I haven't found an archive to download. I only
> got a bunch of .html pages but who would go on and download them :-)  

You can purchase the book online ;)

> there some kind of an archive with some useful tag descriptions only
> (for example, something similar you could see in the "Table 4-1 Useful
> commands", section of Writing with DocBook elements, in LDP Author
> Guide).

Not that I know of, hence the LAG.
> > However, the "problem" you are describing is normal. DocBook doesn't
> > necessarily guarantee any particular visual output. Many tags are
> > semantic only.
> >
> Does it mean I can live without them? I am primarily interested in
> 'visual output' commands that may be valuable when maintaining HOWTOs.

DocBook separates the tags from its presentation.  So if a tag doesn't
output the way you want it to, it's the fault of the DSSSL, which
can be modified to make it output the way you want.  This kind of
documentation will probably be the next addition to the LAG.

My recommendation would be to continue to use the correct DocBook
tags.  If they don't output the way you want, look into the DSSSL.


Mark Komarinski - Senior Systems Engineer - VA Linux Systems

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