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Re: Feedback

On Nov 15,  2:16pm, Martin WHEELER wrote:
> Subject: Re: Feedback
> On Tue, 14 Nov 2000, Greg Ferguson wrote:
> > The LDP does not currently maintain man pages. We merely make
> > the existing man page packages available.
> OK, OK, understood.  Of course.  My point was that constructive remarks
> concerning clarity of expression in documentation -- whatever its origin
> -- and made _via the LDP list_, can only help the general effort.

Absolutely!, and that's why I passed on the comments to Andries (Brouwer).
Although as we discovered, the man page was from section 8, which
Andries does not support or maintain.

> As an aside however, Linux documentation is not, and should not be,
> set in stone.  Anyone seeking guidance on future trends and developments
> is more than likely to address themselves to this list, and already be
> following what is said here.

Yes, I agree and hope that trend continues.


A good project, if someone wishes to take this on, would be to create
and maintain an up-to-date "contact" list for documentation.

This would include:

- Finding updated email addresses for all HOWTO authors. As
  we have seen, inquiries have come in as to how to contact
  HOWTO authors; as (some of) the published email addresses
  are no longer valid.

- Collect contact info for other documentation stored/mirrored
  on the LDP site (guides, man pages, FAQs, Linux Gazzette).

- Collect contact info for other documentation not stored on the LDP
  site (I realize this could get lengthy, but we could continually
  add/update this, similar to the "links" pages on the LDP).

I'm not sure if this is within the scope of the cataloging effort,
perhaps David Merrill or Kevin Cullis could comment. It's badly needed.


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