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Re: date formats

David Merrill wrote:
> {Jan, Feb, etc} regardless of the language doesn't make sense. I like
> YYYY-MM-DD because 1) it is language-independent, 2) it follows the
> ISO standard 3) it is easily parsed 4) it is unambiguous.
> In support of 4):
> AFAIK, nobody uses YYYY-MM-DD. The ambiguous dates are those where the
> year falls last (US usage is MM-DD-YYYY while English (and others) is

Trivia: In Japan they use YYYY-MM-DD, often with kanji for year, month
and day. Inother countries people use "/" rather than "-" to separate
the fields. Al in all it is a complete mess.

Also I believe there is a GNU package that deals with most date formats
in use and also tries to some extent guess format of a given string.

"This chapter describes functions for manipulating dates and times,
 including functions for determining what the current time is and
 conversion between different time representations. "

   Stein Gjoen

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