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Re: date formats

On Dec 8, 12:03pm, David Merrill wrote:
> Subject: Re: date formats
> [...]
> I can't speak to modifying linuxdoc because I know almost nothing
> about it. But does anybody have a sense of how long we will be
> maintaining linuxdoc documents? We seem to be getting all new
> submissions in DocBook, and gradually the LinuxDoc documents are being
> updated, so hopefully in a year or so they will all be updated to
> DocBook and our management issues will become so, so much simpler.
> Seems that way to me, anyway, but I'd like to know what the rest of
> you think. It affects decisions like this. (Why change linuxdoc if
> it's going to be gone soon? IF that is the case. If not...)

I think we will (and should) support linuxdoc for quite some time.
It's not a strain on the build process at all. It's a simple (yet
adequate) DTD for many to author in.

*Minor* DTD changes to linuxdoc should still be considered, imo.

Some stats:

- There is probably a 60%-40% split in *new* HOWTOs (60% are DocBook).

- There have been very few "converted to DocBook from Linuxdoc"
  submittals over the last couple of months. The last major set
  was submitted by Eric Raymond (transitioned all-5 or 6-of the
  HOWTOs he had authored).  Not much activity lately, fyi.


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