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Re: date formats

On Mon, 11 Dec 2000, Randy Kramer wrote:
>I hope you will reconsider.  
>I am a (native born) US citizen and I prefer that the date format I grew
>up with be the standard.  I suspect most americans feel the same way.

I suspect you are correct, but after spending a few years doing casual
programming, I was glad to see an ISO standard that made objective good

I'm native born U.S. citizen too, but I've spent much of my adult life
using dates in an unmistakable format (dd-mmm-yyyy). I can't stand the
ambiguity of mm/dd/yy. Not only is it ambiguous, it does not sort as a
text string. The first database application I ever wrote used yy.mm.dd
just to make sorting easier. The only reason I didn't use a 4-digit year
was due to a software limitation. And this was long before Y2K became a
recognized issued in the mass-market computing media. YYYY-MM-DD is just
easier to use in electronic documents.

We Americans really need to get with the program. 

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