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Re: Feedback

"Greg Ferguson" <gferg@hoop.timonium.sgi.com> writes:

> On Dec 10,  1:24pm, Harry Putnam wrote:
> > Subject: Feedback
> >
> > Are there specific directions for using the search engine at
> > http://www.linuxdoc.org/search.html somewhere.
> No, but if you would help write something up, it would be
> most welcome.

Ahh.. What would I base such a write up on?  Do you mean there is
souce documentation somewhere, or do you mean just from trial and

> > Running a search on /etc/ppp/ip-up.local (searching the entire doc)
> > turns up many docs that *do not* contain that string.  It seems that the
> > search engine thinks /etc/ppp/ip-up is good enough.
> Probably something to do with the parsing of the indexing engine.
> Did you try putting the expression in ""?

Should I need ("") for an unbroken string with no spaces?
But trying it just now I get a messages back "No Entries Found"

Seems the message comes back far to quick for a search to have
happened, as if the software has reject the search entry or something.

And there are in fact a few entries like:


Turned up by the google search engine (using no quotes)

Running the same search with no quotes on the Wais based engine turns
up some 200+ hits, nearly none of which contain the exact hit.

> > The google engine in the same complex of pages turn up only docs that
> > contain the string.
> I just wish we could update the google index in a more timely fashion;
> that's a big difference bwtn the 2 search implementations.

Not being a wise ass here, but why can't it be updated in a timely

> > Is the former engine WAIS based.  If so, do some kind of altered WAIS
> > commands work on it?
> Yes it is wais-based; and I haven't looked into it in any detail as
> to specifically what syntax it supports.

Is that information available somewhere?
Would any of it be findable in the source code (by a non-programmer)?

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