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Cyrillic HOWTO: raised from the dead (unmaintained)

Hello everybody,

I'm resuming my work on the Cyrillic HOWTO. As of now, my priority #1
would be converting it to DocBook. Since I am definitely not up to
date w/ the current state of things in the LDP (as well as not
familiar w/ DocBook), I'll appreciate all kinds of tips/pointers
related to the process (especially conversion tools). Since the two
DTDs are so different manual conversion would take some time...

Thanks in advance,

Alexander L. Belikoff                      GPG f/pr: 0D58 A804 1AB1 4CD8 8DA9
Bloomberg L.P.                                       424B A86E CD0D 8424 2701
mailto://abel@vallinor4.com                (http://pgp5.ai.mit.edu for the key)

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