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Re: date formats

This, in my opinion, is all rather silly. What I see is:

A bunch of Americans who seem to think their date format is the best

A bunch of others who seem to think that the ISO standard format is the

Result - pointless, cultural bickering

In my opinion:

* 1 Jan 1990

Is totally and utterly unambiguous unless some moron thinks there are
1990 days in January. That of course would not help translation, but if
you're going to translate you may as well translate the months too. They
are one of the first things one learns in foreign language classes.

Now, I have put in a request for enhancement to the DocBook maintenance
team to enhance <date> to include subelements of:


That way anyone who writes a local style sheet can render the date in
whatever format they want.

The date saga is silly. Would someone just say that XYZ is THE standard
for the LDP and be done with...I vote for the internation ISO standard.


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