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Re: date formats

>> > For example, the fourth day of February in the year 1995 is
>> > written in the standard notation as
>> >    1995-02-04
>Some might think this is April 2.

Why would anyone think that?  Really.  

I see the 4-digit number there first, and realize that it is obviously the year. 
Hmm, this must be some format I've never seen before.  That's odd, it starts with
the big number, the one representing the longest period of time.  I guess the second
number would be for the second longest period of time, the month.  Then the day of
the month (the shortest period of time) must come last.  So it's long-medium-short. 
Nobody would put long-short-medium -- if they were going to do something stupid like
that, they would have written it in the US standard medium-short-long.

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